Awakening your Resourcefulness and Innovation


Since 2008, we have been forced to make do and do more with less. Being resourceful is now a necessary skill for today’s generation of leaders. It is not simply a matter of doing more with less, is about realizing that you can do more with less because you and your colleagues are more capable than you first believed.


Resourcefulness is not a means of surviving with a lack of things but rather an asset that opens the door to greater accomplishments. Based on my observations of what resourceful leaders do, here are some suggestions for becoming resourceful leader.


  1. Have an open mind and heart: You must leverage your talents and resources to empower yourself to achieve your goals. Having an open mind and heart means that you are open to any possibilities, and being open to new possibilities is the key of putting resourcefulness and innovation into action.

  2. Why not turn innovation inward? Resourcefulness is about improving what you have to work with. Innovation is not always about creating something new, it is also about making old things better.

  3. Be intentional, specific and focus on the low hanging fruit: Start with a very specific intention and something you can change or do in the short-term. It will help you achieve success that will get you motivated to go on to tackle the bigger stuff.

  4. Lean on your team and colleagues: A resourceful leader does not stand still and will encourage her or his team to do the same. The key is to talk with your team and colleagues to pull all of your resources together and turn doing more with less into a winning solution!

  5. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! Get people to feel good about their resourcefulness and innovative ways to improve things at work. Celebrate and spread the practice of resourcefulness, share, and teach your successes to other departments or teams.



Keeping an open mind and heart will allow you to think beyond what you have, and will allow you to use all the resources around you for a winning and impactful solution!