Beginner’s Mind


This is the mindset of a true beginner. In order to open your mind to discover, and cultivate understanding, you become open to adopting a unique mindset.


When you adopt a beginner’s mindset you become:

  •     Free of prejudices of how anything works

  •     Free of anticipations about what will happen

  •     Filled with curiosity to understand things more deeply

  •     Open to a world of opportunities, since you don’t yet know what is or isn’t possible


A beginner’s mind can be a way to cultivate non-judgmental awareness to allow you to view the world with renewed and unbiased perspective.


The benefits of this mindset can impact many aspects of your life, and provide you with:


  • Profound Gratefulness: It’s easy to lose vision of the many worthy things in life that bring you happiness and joy. By seeing your life from a renewed angle, you can value what you might then take for granted.

  • Additional Resourcefulness: When you work in a specific industry and see a similar set of difficulties time and time again, behaviors become deep-rooted. But intentionally experiencing a difficulty with the mind of a beginner can deliver a fresh perspective on current problematic situations. You will discover opportunities that you didn’t formerly expect.

  • Greater Purpose: When you are accustomed to something, it’s easy to go into autopilot mode. Adopting a beginner’s mindset will give you the headspace needed to see what you are doing in greater rationality, and prevent the downsides of unconsciously going through the motions.

  • More Excitement: Beginner’s mind helps you re-acquaint yourself with the stimulating qualities of all you do. Re-experience the intentions of why you began doing something in the first place.

  • More Happiness: Life is too short not to have fun or be happy! Adopting the mindset of a beginner can help you get lighthearted, inquisitive, and curious with whatever task or interest you are focused on.




Next time you have to work on a task or activity, allow yourself to bring a fresh outlook to old sights by being curious, excited and grateful for what you are about to do. The best part about beginner’s mind is that it’s always available to you. It’s free, and it does not cost you anything to adopt it.  Every breath gives you an opportunity to begin again and have a fresh start!


We begin with beginner’s mind, and then, if we’re lucky, we deepen it, or return to it.”

~ Joseph Goldstein