I'Mindful Gives Back

I'Mindful Gives back is a 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to provide mindfulness education and training to non-profits, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, veterans and public schools. We truly believe that we can enhance the quality of life of these individuals by teaching them how to cultivate awareness, compassion, non-judgment and emotional intelligence through the practice of mindfulness.

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Thanks to The continued support of our Community Partners


Individual Partners

Reshmy Kesavada

Al "Papa Rap" Lop

Dr. Sherece West

Cindy and Jena Caudle

Wendy Poole

Sheila Bayles

Jose Esparza & Luis Martinez

Catherine Anderson

Pepé & Denise Estrada

David and Susan Paoli

Glenn & Asele Mack

Kashyap Desai

Ana Estrada


Debbie Sallee

Mark & Lauren Blanco

Joyce Grip

Stephanie Funk

Kimberly Parker

Andrea Roberts

Bruno Vaz

Azu Denton

Bernardo & Carmen Amargós

Kent & Loria Oliver

Ramsay & Jaquita Ball

Kenny & Linda Melancon

Jane Winslow

Nathan Rotten