Mental Clarity and Flexibility


Remember that mindfulness is not about stopping your thoughts from occurring, but rather learning how to redirect your thoughts. Through the physical exercises of breathing and focusing attention on a task, you will realize that you have choices, and can decide which thoughts to focus on, and follow in order to achieve mental clarity and flexibility.


According to neuroscientists, mindfulness can help us increase our compassion not only towards ourselves but toward others.

Something happens to our brains when we increase compassion, our mental clarity and flexibility also increases. Compassion activates a unique set of brain areas associated with reward and cognitive control. Just like compassion, acquiring clarity of mind and mental flexibility requires us to switch focus from self to others. Being stuck in self-related worry decreases our working memory. An overloaded working memory keep us from achieving mental clarity and flexibility. Mindfulness also activates the brain region associated with more adaptive responses to stressful or negative situations



Mindfulness help us increase compassion, whereas compassion help us become more caring and loving toward ourselves and others, allowing us to make better decisions, accept changes and respond better to unexpected situations.