The Mindful Leader

As leaders, we owe it to our team to create successful, happy and healthy work environments. As family members, we owe the same to our loved ones. Throughout the years, I have been able to learn and understand what it takes to be a mindful leader. But like many of us, I am still a work in progress. Below are the characteristics that I do my best to embody each day.


Characteristics of a Mindful Leader

  1. Maintains his/her cool through adversity: the mindful leader remains still and calm like a mountain through adversity and can endure any emotional storm. This leader is versed on both emotional intelligence and emotional balance. He/she knows how to bring and maintain calm and peace to any havoc.

  2. Is authentic and has a clear understanding of his/her intentions and values: this leader is not afraid to be vulnerable and is extremely aware of what matters to them and non-negotiable.

  3. Actively cultivates and develops mindfulness: cultivating and practicing mindfulness is part of his/her everyday life. There are no excuses for not living in the present and will always make time for the things that matters most.

  4. Implication and impact to others is extremely important to the mindful leader: the mind leader is always asking, “How will my decision impact others?” “What is the implication of this decision?”

  5. Is accountable: the mindful leader is known for never placing the blame of his or her team members. This leader never blames external circumstances and will always take responsibility for his/her actions, and they will always ask, “What can I do better next time?”

  6. Is adaptive and thrives in changing environments: the mindful leader will never allow disruptive or non-constructive behavior. They are flexible and have a good understanding of human behavior. He or she can adapt and relate to almost any personality style. This leader will never manage by reacting. They are responsive; not reactive.

  7. Compassion is their game: this leader is always eager to help others succeed. He/she have no need for egos and it will always be about the greater good, not about them, always about others. The mind leader will always know when is time to addresses others by saying, “I understand,” “How can I help you,” “I see how this is affecting you.” He or she can be very selflessness.

  8. Burnout is not part of the lifestyle: focus and attention on the present moment is a key component of the mindful leader. They are aware of his/her body, feelings, emotions and the environment at all times. Knowing and understanding these things are key to letting a person know when is time to step back, recharge, and refresh. A mindful leader prevents burnout and find ways to cultivate mindfulness every day.

  9. Is open to change and understand the true meaning of innovation: a mindful leader is always open and ready to new experiences, and new ways of doing things. They are good about freeing themselves from any attachments. He/she will never hold a company or a team member back for their own benefit. The mindful leader is the ultimate change agent and is not afraid to fail.

  10. Values clarity: is always focus in the present moment and can let go of the past and the future. Excellent decision makers and will always have a clear path for his/her team. You always know where you stand with a mindful leader.