Classes offered at the I'Mindful studio





At the I'Mindful studio we offer group classes and workshops that allow you to reap the benefits of mindfulness. We offer yoga, meditation and wellness classes.*

Yoga classes offer a blend of movement and mindfulness to build strength, increase flexibility and calm the mind. By the end of class, you'll feel accomplished and relaxed.  A perfect addition to any day! 

Meditation classes offer a wide variety of mindful meditation experiences. Classes range from Napercise, a class where you will literally take a nap, to special workshops that will teach you the skills needed to cultivate a mindfulness meditation practice and live a life with less negative reaction to stress! 

Our wellness classes include a beginner level, intro to exercise class as well as workshops on topics such as self-care, mindful eating, essential oils and practicing living a mindful life! 

Check out our full schedule (with class descriptions) today! 


*We also offer Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy and yoga for kids! Please see the individual pages to find out how you can schedule these services.