Purpose, Values, and Intentions

What are purpose, values, and intentions? And what do they have to do with mindfulness? Let’s break it down!

Purpose (why): the reason for which something is done or created for which something exists.
Why do you do what you do?

Values (how): expressions of what we care about. Things that we are not willing to negotiate.
How you live your life. I call it my internal compass.

Intentions (what): a wish or idea that you plan to carry out.

It could turn into an action (what) if we follow through, or it stays as just an idea if we just think about it.

Have you ever thought about what keeps you from following through with your intentions?

Here is what I have learned. We have to pay less attention to how we logically think things should work, and pay more attention to how things really do work (facts).

In order to find, discover or rediscover our purpose, we must first clarify our Intentions, reconnect with our Values, then we can act on our intentions to help us fulfill our purpose.


Discovering or Re-discovering Your Purpose
Part I
Inventory of my talents (things that you are naturally good at):
Inventory of my values:
Inventory of my passion(s):
Inventory of skills/expertise (things you learn/acquire):

Part II
A few questions to help you clarify your values and reconnect with your intentions.
What really matters to me in life?
What brings me the most joy or lights me up?
What makes me proud?
What am I grateful for?
What benefit am I bringing to others?
What gives me a sense of meaning?