Understanding our Intentions and Values


We form our intentions based on our values, desires, and wants.


A lot of the time this process is not completely conscious and this is the reason that we do not always “act in our own best interest”.  All of us have experienced that “funny gut feeling” that a particular course of action we are considering is not quite right for us but we proceed anyway only to find out that we “should have listened” to our body, to that uncomfortable feeling. Knowing and understanding our intentions can save us from having hard falls in life.


Intentions should be tight to your personal thoughts, values, and perspective on life. An intention should be a clear and specific wish or a simple word or phrase you’d like to align yourself with: E.g. “Open your heart and mind,” “Love,” “Strength,” “Compassion for myself and others.”


Always keep the intention positive. Instead of saying “stop being a coward,” say, “be courageous.”


Here are a few questions to help you get your intentions going:

What matters most to you?

What would you like to let go of?

What makes you proud?

What are you grateful for?

Who would you like to forgive in your life?



In this case, we refer to values as individual beliefs, ideas, likes and dislikes.

E.g. You may take great pride in always doing your very best on projects assigned to you. Another person may place being a mom her biggest accomplishment. In each case the person’s choices and actions reflect deeply held values.  Values reflect our priorities, and often fully honoring a value may involve sacrifices.



Clearly formed intentions that are based on our true values allow us to make decisions that lead to outcomes we can truly live with. Keep this in mind: Intentions + Values = Emotional Balance!