Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

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Jessica L. Fowler

Overcome Anxiety with Yoga Facilitator/Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher

Jessica found yoga in 2014 after a decade of experience as a registered nurse and as a newly licensed Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. After learning about the research-proven benefits of yoga for mental health, Jessica pursued yoga teacher training followed by advanced training in Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy in order to offer an alternative or complementary service to traditional mental health care. Jessica is currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice with a focus on yoga and mental health. She comes to i’mindful with a unique set of skills based in advanced education and experience which allows her to recognize that there is not a one size fits all or quick fix for conditions that bring us out of a state of wellness. As a nurse, holistic health expert, and specialty trained yoga instructor, Jessica brings a unique, compassionate, and client-centered approach to every class and session. She looks forward to working with clients to address stress, anxiety, panic, trauma, depression or related barriers to a full and abundant life.



Individual sessions are designed to help you overcome and break the cycle of chronic stress through a variety of customized holistic practices. You can expect to find success and empowerment in the face of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, or general life circumstances that have resulted in a state of dis-ease. This is not a studio yoga class. Studio classes or daily posture practice is encouraged as part of your program, but you can expect so much more!


Currently, our trauma informed yoga classes are by appointment only. Please email Vitality Yoga for availability and pricing!